Promotional Products – FAQ’s

Promotional Products have been a popular choice for building brand recognition during marketing campaigns for years.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

1. Q: Why do companies use Promotional Products?

A: Some of the main reasons businesses make use of promotional products is to attract potential customers, establish relations with existing customers, outshine their              competition, generate sales leads, delight their customers, employee incentive programs, and improve brand visibility and awareness.


2. Q: Do promotional products work?

A: All the research and evidence point to the fact that promotional products do help grow your business. Here are some info graphics to give you a better idea of how effective these products could be.


3. Q: How much are promotional products? Are they expensive?

A: This is completely up to you. You make your own budget, so you can spend anywhere from $100 to $1,000,000. Most promotional products are going to be less expensive than the products you buy at retail stores or online.


4. Q:What promotional products should I be getting?

A: Again, this is completely depending on you, your business, and the customers you are trying to attract. This is where a reliable and innovative promotional products agency can help you. Let the professionals recommend the most appropriate and interesting ideas for your specific target audience, timetable, event and budget.  They will also know which are of the highest quality, and where to get you the best overall value. Challenge us to create for you!


5. Q: What are the benefits of promotional products?

A: In a consumerism world, people are likely to ignore or disregard traditional advertising messages because we have found ways around them. Newspapers are in a slow decline, fast forwarding commercials, and the aux cord (radio commercials) have helped us ignore these interruptions and distractions in our daily lives. Promotional Products usually receive a positive reaction. Who doesn’t like free stuff?


Flexibility – you have the option to choose the budget, product, quantity, and everything else that goes into the process. You can be as creative as you want.


Tangible and Long Lasting – Promotional products last a lot longer than traditional advertising campaigns. They can be used, held onto, or passed around.


5. Q: How do I place an order? Further Questions?

A: Call us! 201-684-1132


Glazer Promos is a company that specializes in promotional products. Glazer Promos has an impeccable reputation for service and quality. What helps us stand out is our commitment to customer service. We go above and beyond to make sure you are more than satisfied with our business.









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