Sponsor an Event

Sponsorship is the act of supporting an event, activity, person, or organization. Promoting an event is a hidden gem in the marketing world. Some of the most successful companies in the world sponsor events (Coco-Cola and the Olympic Games, Rolex and TED, Monster Energy Drinks and the UFC). You don’t need a massive budget either. Depending on your company and budget, you can set up a successful national, regional, or local event.

Why Sponsor an Event
You’re probably asking yourself, why should my company sponsor an event. There are ginormous benefits for contributing an event. Supporting an event will help you connect with your target audience. Becoming a sponsor is a great way to strengthen customer relationships with friendly face to face interactions. This will better your business’s reputation and relationships while improving the way you are perceived by the public. Engagement should be a top priority because it increases your community’s involvement and improves loyalty with customers and prospects. It’s also a great way to network, find new partners, and meet like-minded people. This will generate leads and new contacts. Hosting an event will also give you plenty of content for social media and can possibly lead to more media exposure.

What You Need When Sponsoring an Event
1. Attention Grabbers – Tables, Displays, Signs
2. Promotional Products/Giveaways

This is where a reliable and experienced company such as Glazer Promos comes in handy. They specialize in helping companies find the right promotional products once you have chosen your event. They will walk you through the entire process and make sure that you are more than satisfied. For more free advice, information, or ideas and suggestions, email info@glazerpromos.com, or call 201-684-1132


What Events to Sponsor and What Questions to Ask Before Sponsoring an Event

Before sponsoring an event, you should be researching and looking for an event that fits and matches your company’s core values. You are going to want to pick an event where the people there are going to be interested in your product or services.










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